Matter of Fabrics is what textile is to me. A vast and essential material that can be shaped into different results. 

Matter of Fabrics first started in 2004 producing knitted quality products machine made and hand finished. They where sold in Sweden, Denmark, France, Japan and USA - to mostly well established interior and design shops. Matter of fabrics knitted products was a cooperation between me and a another textile lover.

The production had a brake and Matter of Fabrics did the same. Since then I have had the opportunity to work within craft, interior design and lately architecture. All enjoyable and developing years with alot of fun and interesting projects - are still full time working - now within a cultural building and its care.

While fulltime working I had a longer brake from textiles. After letting it rest I coincidently had the opportunity to slowly start up and it is with crowns in the making. Some textiles are also slowly comming up. Now updating the site with a selection of the crowns or coronas, some older textiles and some new in the process and becoming something. Or not.

All comes when time is given and what the result will be - time will tell. No pressure - only lust.